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Data as a Service Solution Brief

Solution Brief
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Learn about the key features of Innive K12 360° Data as a Service, including overall architecture and information about K12 360° Data Sets.

Data-Informed Decision Making

Solution Brief
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While data may not "drive" or determine our district's direction - we, as leaders, do that - we do need data to inform our decisions so we can ensure we're committing focused acts of improvement. Download this guide on where to start and essential questions for data-informed decision makers.

Rochester City School District Case Study

Case Study
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The Rochester City School District had a well-used but overburdened data warehouse and data reporting tool. Innive’s K12 360° solution offered a fast and seamless integration with their existing data systems. Within a few months, they had successfully implemented a superintendent’s dashboard, principal’s dashboard, and an open-data dashboard resulting in a dynamic, user-friendly tool capable of providing all district educators with their student data and valuable insight.

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