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Innive K12 360° is a passionate and dedicated team of data architects, business analysts, developers, and educators.

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A great story always starts with a great team

The K12 360° team at Innive Inc. is a group of passionate educators, technologists, and data scientists dedicated to helping school districts harness the power of data to help their students and staff thrive. We build our solutions hand-in-hand with school districts across the United States to ensure that every story and every visualization is exactly what educators need to make informed decisions and take action.

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Our mission is to help educators get the information they need

Our mission is to provide educators with comprehensive whole child, whole school, and whole district actionable insight to help students thrive in any educational environment.

The values that drive everything we do

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Actionable Insight

K-12 analytics must present reliable, valuable information so educators can make productive observations or actionable insights.

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Instructional and operational decisions in K12 institutions must be as well informed as possible using high quality data. Information is key to making the right decisions to support students.

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Technology Agnostic

K-12 institutions should have flexibility and freedom of choice in selecting the technology best suited for them. No matter what technology your institution uses to store and manage data, we can integrate with it.

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Whole Child Support

Each student has individualized abilities, needs, characteristics, and home lives. Data should reflect the whole child so educators can make data-driven decisions.

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