Mobile Asset Management Built for Education

Track mobile assets with AssetFusion 360°, an innovative and easy-to-use application designed for school-based staff. With this one-stop shop for mobile asset management, maintain the entire asset lifecycle from distribution to managing costs, inventory, and repairs - all in one place.

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How Does It Help My Role?

District Administrators

  • Get an accurate picture of device availability and maintenance needs

  • Centrally monitor all hardware and software asset inventories and costs 

  • Make fully-informed procurement decisions

  • Provide staff with more efficient supports for asset management

  • Works for other uses besides digital devices, like band/orchestra instruments

  • Comprehensive reports to visually understand and communicate district and or school device status

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  • Efficiently check out/in devices to students

  • Easily create asset requests for new students

  • Easy-to-use help desk ticketing system when issues arise 

  • Quickly identify device location for distribution

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School Administrators

  • Improve accountability with access to an on-demand tool with accurate information to track your site’s devices/assets

  • Easily identify which device a student is assigned, how many devices the student has been assigned over time, and how many devices the student has lost or broken 

  • Efficiently maintain records for lost, stolen, and damaged devices 

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Device Managers

  • Build an effective maintenance management plan

  • Reduce asset downtime

  • Improve asset reliability

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Assign resources efficiently

  • Optimize operations

  • Monitor device locations

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Help Desk

  • Integrate with existing Help Desk applications (if needed)

  • Manage hardware and software tickets in a centralized location

  • Automatically tie tickets to assets

  • Access canned and custom Help Desk reports

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What are five ways that AssetFusion 360° can help your district?

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Enhance Mobile Asset Management in Your District

Complete Features List

AssetFusion 360° is a web-based desktop and mobile software application built for school-based users. See how it compares to other mobile device management applications. 

AssetFusion 360° - Designed for K-12 Education Use

Other Mobile Device Management Applications Repurposed for Education

Role-based security
Security requires configuration
Dashboard with calendar view, metrics, geospatial and other analytics
Limited analytics
Quick add/import/export assets
Asset locations map
Full asset profile, including location and damage history 
Limited profile with no damage history
Bulk/individually check out devices
Bulk/individually transfer devices 
Create/manage/approve asset requests for school-based workflows
Not Available
Print barcode labels for assets, students, or employees
Not Available
Scan barcode labels with easy setup in the mobile application
Requires integration and technical setup
Inventory audit
Not available
Assets availability calendar
Manage student and employee lists
Not available
Track software license agreements
Software usage metering
Not available
Manage device locations by school and classroom
Not available
Help desk ticketing system
Not available - must be purchased separately and integrated
Integrate with Clever, Student Information Systems, and others
Not available
Manage groups
Not available
Configure alerts
Not available
Easily create custom fields/manage layouts for asset, employee, and student records
Requires lengthy customization to create employee and student records
Standard reports
Limited capability
Custom reports
Limited capability
Schedule reports
Not available
Dark/light mode
Not available
No unnecessary or distracting features not built for education use
Includes features developed for other industries with no use or purpose in education

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Built for school users
Next-gen tech features