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What's Different About
K12 360° Analytics?

Role-Based Analytics Designed for Everyone
Your users and their roles are different. Their analytics should be different, too. The distinct perspectives of your teachers, principals, and district administrators are reflected in all role-based analytics delivered by Innive K12 360°. All products and services keep these roles and their needs in mind and incorporate feedback and guidance from experts in each role.

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District Administrator Teams

"How is my school district doing?" View at-a-glance performance for your district’s strategic goals, budget, staffing, student achievement, operations, and more.

Receive actionable insights into school and district goals and accountability metrics to improve resilience.

Get information to help determine which investments in strategic programs are moving the needle for student success.

Track strengths and areas needing improvement across the district.

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School Administrator Teams

"How are my teachers and students doing?" Get comprehensive insights to guide schools to better learning and teaching.

Track strengths and areas needing improvement across the school and in individual classrooms.

Quickly determine which programs and interventions are moving the needle for student success.

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Educator Teams

"How are my students doing?" Get a full picture of your students’ performance on multiple measures including academics, attendance, formative and summative assessments, screenings, social emotional learning, behavior/discipline, special education, college and career readiness, and more:

Utilize foundational classroom analytics to improve student engagement and learning.

Remove individual and systemic barriers for student development with actionable insights.

Review recommended actions and get students on the right path in areas where they are going off-track, and help students excel even further in areas where they are showing early success.

Classroom-level dashboard showing metrics that describe overall student performance
Executive Dashboard Student Dimension Analysis graphChronic absenteeism metric progress

District 360°: Executive Dashboard

With District 360°, district leaders are equipped with timely and actionable data as it is needed, reducing dependence on manual processes. Empower data-informed decision makers in your district with targeted analytics. Learn more below.

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Integrated Data at Your Fingertips

District 360 is designed to centrally monitor key performance indicators from multiple sources and view actionable, up-to-date student achievement data aligned with the district’s strategic goals. Track the indicators that inform progress on accomplishing goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan. 

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Trend Analysis

Explore school and district-wide trends using real-time integrated data at the school/campus or student subgroup level:

  • Students by Ethnicity
  • Students by Language Classification
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Students Experiencing Poverty
  •  AP / IB Enrolled Students
  • Gifted and Talented 
  • And more
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Align Data to Your Strategy

Configure the dashboard to align with your district’s strategic plan. Select from available modules by subject:

  • District at a Glance
  • Student Performance & Progress
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Human Resources
  • Enrollment
  • District Goal & Strategy
  • Student Behavior
  • School Performance
  • Graduation Rate Analysis

Get started quickly with K12 360° Datasets.

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Community 360°: Open Data Dashboard

Open Data by Innive K12 360° consists of interactive dashboards that allow school districts to share their data with the public in a way that everyone can easily understand. Open Data integrates with your district’s existing data infrastructure to provide information to the public on a wide area of subjects. 

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Community Stakeholder Communication

Demonstrate your district’s commitment to transparency by providing an easily accessible source of information for families and community members. Families can review clear school performance data to inform enrollment selection. Researchers and journalists can quickly find relevant district performance metrics and statistics.

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Customizable to Your District

Customize the information to your district’s needs: enrollment, student performance, school performance, finance, strategic programs, and more. 

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Intuitive Analytics

The interactive data visualizations in Open Data provide easy-to-understand stories and drill-down capabilities. Clear metrics, graphs, maps, and reports help convey your message to the public. 

Individual Student Scorecard Academic skills

Learning Acceleration System

Role-Based Whole Child Analytics

Guide your district to success by informing your district’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) processes with the Learning Acceleration System. Effective MTSS requires comprehensive student data to understand the whole child and track outcomes. The Learning Acceleration System by Innive K12 360° integrates assessment and other data to focus on the whole child: not just academic skills, but also areas like social and emotional learning. Then, educators and administrators alike use the integrated data to evaluate learning and support interventions, accelerate learning goals, and identify areas of improvement.

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Measure Student Learning

Gather Complete Student Learning Data - The challenge of fragmented data in various sources is solved by the ability to integrate any student data sets, including assessments, academic achievement, social-emotional learning, and more
Track What Matters Most - Configure the scorecard success indicators that matter most to the district and view the indicators in five different categories: Academic Skills, Content Knowledge,Social Emotional Learning, Student Engagement, and College, Career, and Life Readiness
Track Student Performance - Use the Student Scorecard to quickly identify trends and whether each individual student is receiving the appropriate interventions and supports

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Evaluate Student Growth

Aggregate Data - Measure and report progress by student, by class, by grade level, by campus, by district and/or by region
Monitor Growth - Use the Student Growth Matrix to monitor and analyze performance over time on selected indicators
Predictions - Predict student performance based on instruction, interventions, supports, engagement, and culture

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Accelerate Student Academic Performance

Plan for Academic Success - Educators have the ability to create individualized student acceleration plans that include interventions, supports, and enrichment opportunities 
Monitor Student Progress - Monitor student performance in relevant indicators related to the student’s individual acceleration plan
Collaboration and Common Understanding - All users (educators, administrators, etc.) see the same plan and performance details

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Innive is proud to partner with CoSN on the Student Home Internet Connectivity Study

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Digital Learning Dashboard

Whether schools are in-class or hybrid learning, successful student learning is about engagement and accountability. For students to thrive, schools need to take advantage of data from all sources. The K12 360° Digital Learning Dashboard enables districts to have a central source of information to monitor student engagement and support accountability. From there, districts and schools can use that data analytics to support their unique learning strategy.

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At a Glance

Track it all from one screen. Access our easy-to-use tracker to see device distribution, student logins, inactive students, digital asset usage, and teacher engagement. With the ability to drill-down to district, school, and student level, it’s all accessible within a few clicks.

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People and Devices

Track the technology needs of students and staff. We make it easy to track the distribution and availability of computers and tablets, Wi-fi and MiFi/hotspot devices, bandwidth—allowing districts and schools to evaluate distribution plans and equity coverage.

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Usage Analysis

View usage analysis, how you want to see it. Track metrics to understand the login and usage levels, patterns and details among students, staff, households and school administrators. Analyze by student groups, time trends and map the analysis geo-spatially.

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