Centralized Sign-Offs and Task Management

The Leader’s Portal by EdBrix integrates with Innive K12 360° Analytics to deliver a one-stop solution to streamline operational efficiencies. Track action items, centrally manage certifications, and more.

How Does the Leader's Portal Help My Role?

Carolyn is in charge of District Operations. Before Leader’s Portal, she had to rely on disjointed, inconsistent, and cumbersome processes for communicating with school leaders and tracking important tasks like certifications. 

With the Leader’s Portal, Carolyn has one centralized place for managing accountability and operational tasks like certification approvals and notifying school leaders about important information. She assigns tasks to principals easily and manages deadlines. Carolyn is happy she spends less time writing and sending emails because the Leader’s Portal does that for her with automated role-based notifications. 

Illustration of business woman at desk with multiple arms representing the ability to manage multiple tasks without frustration

Carolyn receives and stores all signed and submitted certifications from school leaders in a secure and unified portal. She uses the Leader’s Portal dashboard to monitor task completion across the district.

Tomás is a middle school principal with many policies to acknowledge and certifications to submit to the district administrator, Carolyn. Before Leader’s Portal, all these tasks kept getting lost in his email inbox, and he had difficulty keeping track of the deadlines on his own.

With the Leader’s Portal, Tomás can log into a centralized portal to see what’s due and what’s new; upcoming deadlines, school events, and important tasks are all tracked in one place. Tomás checks it weekly to see what tasks need to be completed. He’s relieved he can spend less time tracking tasks and has one place to store everything. 

In the Leader’s Portal, he also has a resource to quickly reference any district policy and is able to find Quick Links to all district applications to which he has access. Tomás is glad he only needs to log into one place to find all that he needs.  

Illustration of principal sitting in lotus position floating above his desk representing the relief of having all his tasks managed

Leader's Portal Features

Streamline School Certifications 

  • Unified portal for all school certifications and policy sign-offs
  • Optimize the approval process

Communicate District Policies

  • Effectively communicate important information to school leaders 
  • Streamline information sharing within the district

Monitor Task Completion

  • Administrators view which schools still need to complete assigned tasks
  • Principals see their task progress insights

Leverage the Power of K12 360° Analytics Alongside the Leader's Portal

Easy to Integrate
Centralized Information
Fully Customizable
Screenshot of a demonstration of Student 360°: Whole Child Analytics

Notifications in One Place

  • View consolidated alerts and notifications
  • Never miss an important announcement from administrators

Quickly Access Applications

  • Access all school and student applications in one place 
  • Integrates with single-sign-on 

Personalized Look and Feel

  • Apply your district's branding
  • Include the district logo and other elements

Apply your district's branding for a personalized look and feel

The Leader's Portal branding and terminology used are fully customizable to match existing workflows and applications

Leader's Portal screenshot showing the header where you can add your district's branding for a personalized experience