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K12 360° Datasets

K12 360° Datasets are curated collections of data that help school districts of any size to quickly generate actionable insights. Each dataset consists of attributes and denormalized student data within a specific subject area that can be used immediately.

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Perfect for Small or Medium-Sized School Districts

If your district doesn’t have the people or resources to prep data for analysis, no worries! These curated datasets eliminate intensive manual tasks that are necessary for data to be analyzed, like creating joins or performing SQL queries.

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Available by Subject Area

K12 360° Datasets are prepped by subject area and ready to be imported into any data visualization tool:

  • Assessments
  • Attendance
  • Enrollment
  • Instruction
  • School Performance
  • Student Support
  • Human Capital
  • Finance
  • Family Engagements
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Prepare for Change

The only constant is change; district data needs are constantly changing based on current events and student needs. With K12 360° Datasets, you have access to the datasets behind your analytics and dashboards so you don’t have to worry about relying on vendors to update your data or dashboards. You have the power to update your data.

How It Works

K12 360° Data as a Service (DaaS) is a full end-to-end managed service to modernize your data practices while ensuring your district doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting. We work with you to set up processes and technologies to help your school district manage data ingestion, integration, security, storage, and analysis. Sign up for K12 360° DaaS today to reduce the complexities of data interoperability and increase actionable insights while keeping student data confidential and secure.

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Data warehouse

K12 360° Data Warehouse

K12 360° Data Warehouse enables district data to be combined and viewed longitudinally so that educators can measure and monitor student learning and other key operational attributes over time. The solution uses analytic tools such as Google BigQuery, Tableau, or AWS Redshift to support real-time decision making for educators and district staff and gives them the freedom to scale easily and cost-effectively.

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Technology Agnostic

 Store data in your district’s analytic database of choice (Snowflake, Google Big Query, or others). Our DWaaS supports all major cloud-based analytic databases.

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Enterprise-Grade Foundation for Your District

Facilitates cross-silo data integration

Allows ingestion from education systems

Hides complexity

Supports security, manageability, and governance with a flexible data foundation

Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS)

Your district’s Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) is used as the main source of information for the data warehouse. Depending on the size of your district, the data warehouse ingests data from the ODS via APIs or directly from the middle tier. See more below. The Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) provides a secure, transactional information store that integrates data from multiple source systems and applications.

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2X Ed-Fi Badge Earner

Innive K12 360° is proud to have earned two Ed-Fi Badges, proof that we have demonstrated our deep understanding and abilities to provide Ed-Fi consumer technologies and services to school districts.

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We'll Meet You on Your Ed-Fi Journey

Regardless of where you are in the Ed-Fi journey, the data warehouse will work with your existing technologies and methods. Easily ingest Ed-Fi-compatible datasets alongside non-Ed-Fi-compatible sets. Then, when you’re ready to fully implement Ed-Fi, we’ll be ready for the change.

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Fully Supports Industry Data Standards

We believe in a standards-driven approach to data interoperability at Innive K12 360°. Standardized data from enterprise applications, like those that follow the Ed-Fi Data Standards, ensures your data is available when you need it. Gone are the days of “Let me pull that data together and get back to you in a day or two.”

Data Vault - Data Modeling Methodology

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What is the Idea Behind  Data Vault?

Think of it like the Dewey Decimal system for libraries. Instead of storing different types of books, the data vault methodology provides guidance on storing different types of data. It’s a flexible, scalable, and adaptable approach to storing data in a warehouse.

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Supports Incremental Delivery

The data vault methodology was designed by Dan Linstedt to support incremental delivery, meaning you can start with key district datasets and grow from there.

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Flexible Approach

The flexibility of the data vault method makes it easier to add additional data sources to the warehouse, whereas traditional data modeling methods have difficulty handling changes within source systems. Also, using this methodology for data modeling makes it easier to store high volumes of records and view multi-year student trends in analytics and data visualizations.

K12 360° Data Manager

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What Is It?

K12 360° Data Manager is an easy-to-understand online application to securely manage data ingestion without vendor dependency.

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Ingest All Required Data

The application supports multiple modes of ingestion so users can manage Ed-Fi APIs and manually upload data that isn’t available in the Ed-Fi ODS. Set up sources for import, identify frequency and mode, and manage everything in one central location.

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How Does It Help?

 The Data Manager enables districts to define data sources and individual datasets within each source. It gives you control over what district data is displayed in analytics and data visualizations - without waiting for a vendor to update a new file.

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