Ed-Fi / Interoperability Services

Innive has always been a close partner with Ed-Fi because we understand the accessibility that Ed-Fi’s data standards and technologies bring to K12 education information. With accessibility to data comes the ability to address common issues being addressed by school districts, such as chronic absenteeism, equitable access, and more. Innive has earned recognition for its Ed-Fi interoperability capabilities with two Ed-Fi badges. We’ll work within your needs to consume data:

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What is Ed-Fi?

Ed-Fi is a non-profit organization “working toward a future where student data is always standardized, always secure, and always supporting teachers and students.” Ed-Fi provides open source data standards and technologies that can be implemented within school districts and other K12 educational organizations. The data standards provide rules for the ways that datasets operate with one another, making it easier for systems to share data. Ed-Fi technologies are free and available to quickly implement Ed-Fi data standards. 

2020 Ed-Fi Partner of the Year 

Awarded for Innive’s contribution to migrating Ed-Fi technology to support .NET Core and Docker, which has been an integral step in achieving interoperability in education.

How Innive Helps

At Innive, we’re experts at helping districts unlock the power of data integration with the data interoperability tools and standards provided by Ed-Fi. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to develop the appropriate custom implementation for your organization, ensuring that you are able to leverage the latest Ed-Fi Data Standard and technologies.

Interoperability Strategy

We’ll work together to plan your strategy for interoperability and implementation of Ed-Fi.

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Our technical experts help you install Ed-Fi software, address data vocabulary issues, and connect your systems to the Ed-Fi ODS.

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API Integration

We’ll work with you to develop Custom solutions to integrate data from sources that do not provide an EdFi connector.

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Ongoing Operations

We’ll manage your complete Ed-Fi operational data store hosted in the cloud.

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Five Steps for Achieving Data Interoperability