Advocacy for a Restorative Re-Opening: Highlights to Reimagine and Rebuild

As our nation tracks schools returning, a powerful report was recently released from PACE, with a call to action for a restorative restart. Together almost 40 student centered organizations and coalition partners came together with advocacy, policy recommendations, and research. The study outcomes are based on, evidence collected from a variety of focus groups, polls, and surveys of educators, parents, and students; a deep review of the literature; and original research conducted on COVID-19’s impact on schools and students.

The “Reimagine and Rebuild” framework provides specific steps on evidence-based practices for:

Restorative Restart Infographic by PACE

The call to action in this framework is bold and incredibly clear; asserting that we can not go back to normal, and in fact many argue that normal was not normal for so many when we look clearly through an equity lens. As you build your equity and advocacy lens look closely at the interactive infographic that calls out 14 areas for action to reimagine, restore, and rebuild the future of education. What might your priorities be, as a leader among leaders, to restore and engage in practices that fulfill the promise of a whole child education.Does your school district have the data you need to make evidence-based decisions around 2021 school reopening?