Best of 2022: Data Interoperability Webinar

In case you missed it: now is your chance to watch or listen to this exciting and informative webinar done in partnership with Tableau last year: Data Interoperability in Complex Systems. 

Listen to CIOs and partners have a constructive conversation around why and how to start creating a strategy for data interoperability in PK12 institutions. With real-world experience, the expert panel in this on-demand webinar answers questions like: 

  • What is data interoperability?
  • How do we overcome commonly encountered barriers to interoperability success?
  • How have other educational institutions achieved data interoperability?
  • What does a CIO or similar role need to do to achieve interoperability?
  • What does the future of data look like in K12 education?

For a sneak peek, watch the clip below to see Tom Ryan talk about what sparked the initiative to create a data interoperability strategy as former CIO at Santa Fe Public Schools in New Mexico. 

Watch the video or download the audio file to listen to the conversation on the go.