Coming Soon: Data Dialogs with John Parker

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As VP of Data Science and Research for a company of experts in education data, I have seen the enormous amount of information available out there at conferences and in webinars. However, I have also realized that not everyone has the time or resources to attend these events, making it difficult to continuously learn and innovate within the constantly changing landscape of education data. 

That is why I am excited to launch Data Dialogs at the end of the month. Data Dialogs is a new Youtube Channel for people like me who are interested in the latest innovations in data use in PK-12 and higher education but need the information in short, palatable videos. You’ll hear from me and other experts in the field as we chat about data-focused topics like…

  • Architecting Your Data Ecosystem (Pipelines, Data Lakes, Data Warehouses) - Explaining the components of a data ecosystem in an educational setting
  • Designing Education Data Domains and Data Models (E.g., Attendance, Enrollment, Assessments) - Case Studies and tutorials on creating data domains, models, and products 
  • Embracing AI and Machine Learning - Latest advancements in generative AI and how to apply in educational data analytics
  • Creating Effective Data Visualizations - Best practices and tools for data visualization to make data actionable for decision making

In each episode, we’ll answer questions like, what are these concepts? How do they help my district or educational organization? And what are some examples of how this looks in operation? Plus, hear from technology partners and people in the field on what they see and experience firsthand. And - even better - all the information will be focused on the education world so that it is relatable and actionable for people working with data to support student and school decision making.  

The series is launching at the end of January 2024. Subscribe now on Youtube or follow me on Instagram to get notified of new episodes when they’re available. 

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P.S. If you’re unfamiliar with John Parker, here is an interview with him from last year via Project Unicorn: