Digital Inclusion Week: Data to Support Digital Equity

At Innive K12 360°, digital equity and inclusion are constantly at the forefront of our minds. As we conclude Digital Inclusion Week (Oct. 4 – 8 2021), it’s a great time to reflect on their importance in K12 education.As schools struggle with engaging a diverse set of learners, what data can districts collect to inform them about what students are doing online? Providing targeted support to specific demographics ensures equitable access and distribution of technology. However, making decisions around the right support requires data around instructional resources, like who is accessing them and how often.

Tracking student internet connectivity, device access, and online activity is key to ensuring equitable access to the internet and devices for our students. Large school districts like San Francisco Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified School District have implemented the K12 360° Digital Learning Dashboard to track daily student online access and activity. The dashboard has been immensely helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic in monitoring digital learning activity outside of school. As students go back into the classroom or participate in a hybrid schedule, it continues to be useful in tracking digital learning activity inside and outside of the classroom.The top five metrics tracked on the K12 360° Digital Learning Dashboard:

  1. Average daily active and inactive students
  2. Students with no login for past seven days or this year
  3. Average student logins per application
  4. Number of students with district-provided laptops or tablets
  5. Number of students with hotspots or internet devices

What are your top five go-to metrics for digital learning? Are they different from ours? Let us know below.