From Remote to Restart

Whether it is remote, distant, online, virtual, or different descriptors, the language to describe teaching, learning, and today’s education experience has changed. These different descriptors have also changed the “learning settings” for our students and their educators. As districts work to understand settings for learning and restart, there is much to be learned from data gathered prior, during, and to come.  

As reflective leaders, it is important to think about what you might want to start, stop or continue doing to optimize learning. In doing so, what data would you like to collect now and in the future? What is to be learned in your district? From the community, classroom and to the boardroom, it may now be more important than ever to gather data in your system.

As schools strive to create safe and flourishing learning environments, school systems are immersed in greater complexity in the forms of both internal and external factors. Luckily, today’s technology solutions can support with data to answer questions about remote learning such as:

  • Who has access to devices? Internet?
  • Who is logging in and actively participating?
  • Are our students making progress in their learning?
  • Which students need intervention and acceleration?

As you proceed, what might you want to start, stop, or continue as you organize learning with adaptive mindsets? For example, for schools facing a digital divide as a result of the pandemic, data on what students have internet-enabled devices and internet access would be most relevant. Next, those schools will need to know which students are actively engaged in learning and which need extra support.

Further, how will your district define engagement? Reflecting on this, schools and districts may deepen expectations on what counts for mastery in these flexible and nimble environments.

While the inquiries are infinite, the opportunity to access your data can support your decision-making. What’s your remote to re-start next step? Leave a comment and let us know what your school district is planning.

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