K12 360° Conversations: Equity Series, Part II

Equity Through Community Coalitions

We can’t begin to address digital equity in education without community advocacy. Advocates are providing kids with internet devices, expanding internet access across, identifying struggling students & planning interventions, and raising funds for projects. Partnerships, like the National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships (NNERPP), are essential to develop, support, and connect research-practice partnerships in education. Such partnerships are timely and ensure that we are not looking in the rearview mirror with our decision making.  Smaller community-based coalitions are equally important, especially in situations where understanding the local needs and building trusting relationships is key. Across these scales, examples of partnering and coalition building include:

Tackling Equity Begins With Building Relationships

In, and with community, we can foster relationships that connect and build on the assets of the community. In relationships, we can identify the resources that are most beneficial by listening to the voice of those we are in service with and to. Schools are the heart of many communities, and research shows that schools can work with communities to provide additional resources for students like:

  • Meals
  • Housing
  • Health Services
  • Counseling
  • Technology

Partnerships with the community ensure that students are safe and able to learn. With that, we can move forward together with the most innovative and effective learning practices. Our next blog tackles Equity through Data - an important aspect of measuring equity and finding these best practices to move forward.  

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