Webinar: Learn the Components of a Successful Self-Service Analytics Program

Last month, Innive partnered with Tableau to host a webinar about supporting self-service analytics using curated datasets. In the one-hour live webinar, John Parker, Innive’s VP of Data Science and Research, provided a comprehensive understanding of the key activities that go into creating a self-service analytics program for school districts and similar organizations. 

What is Self-Service Analytics? Self-service analytics is an approach to data analysis that empowers business users to access, analyze, and visualize data without relying on IT or data experts. It provides easy-to-use tools and platforms that enable users to explore and understand data, generate insights, and make data-driven decisions.

The main goal of self-service analytics is to promote a data-driven culture within an organization by making data accessible to all employees, regardless of their technical expertise. This approach helps reduce the time and resources spent on data analysis by IT teams and data experts, enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks.

In the webinar, Parker dove into all of the biggest challenges commonly encountered when strategizing and implementing self-service analytics tools and processes:

  • Data spread across too many apps/systems
  • Multiple versions of the truth
  • Data not timely enough
  • Data quality issues
  • Technology does not meet needs

Parker covered a wide range of topics in the webinar, including why it is so difficult to develop some reports when all the data is seemingly available and how to strategically address the problem so that data is integrated and centralized. Parker also discussed the importance of fostering a “data culture” with staff who are sufficiently data literate so they can successfully and appropriately leverage the data available to them. 

“It is important that we train our users, and give our users good tools so that they actually know how to use this data to improve outcomes,” Parker stated when discussing the need to support data literacy. 

Watch the recording of the webinar, Supporting Self-Service Analytics with Curated Data Using Tableau, to hear about successful strategies to address these challenges. Plus, learn about the policies, people, processes, and technology that go into developing a self-service program in your district.

Contact us to discuss ways Innive can help your district or K12 organization develop a culture of self-service analytics to support student success.