Innive Renews Ed-Fi Badges: API Consumer and ODS Platform Consumer

Innive is excited to announce the renewal of our Ed-Fi badges for API Consumer and ODS Consumer, signifying our commitment to enhancing data-driven education through advanced technology integration. These badges, awarded by the Ed-Fi Alliance, are part of a larger certification program aimed at ensuring high standards in educational data management and integration.

1. Ed-Fi ODS Platform Consumer Badge: This badge is awarded to products that interact with the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) platform. To earn this badge, a product must demonstrate the ability to consume data from the Ed-Fi ODS platform via standard access points, but not necessarily through an API. For Innive, this badge signifies that we can effectively use data from the Ed-Fi ODS platform via on-premise technologies, integrating this data into our canned or customized analytics solutions. 

2. Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge: This badge is granted to products capable of reading data from an Ed-Fi defined API and integrating it into their product offerings. The integration must provide significant additional value to end users. Innive's possession of this badge indicates our ability to read and integrate data from an Ed-Fi API into our analytics solutions, enhancing the functionality and value of our products.

For school districts, the benefits of these badges are clear:

-Enhanced Data Integration: By meeting the standards of these badges, Innive demonstrates its capability to integrate diverse educational data sources effectively, ensuring that our products can handle complex data environments.

- Improved Product Value: The ability to consume and integrate data from both ODS platforms and APIs means that Innive's products are equipped to offer more comprehensive analytics and insights, thereby adding significant value to our end users, especially in educational settings.

- Recognition and Trust: Earning these badges places Innive in a distinguished group of technology providers who adhere to the high standards set by the Ed-Fi Alliance. This recognition can enhance trust among users and stakeholders in the education sector.

Overall, Innive's achievement of the Ed-Fi badges for API Consumer and ODS Consumer highlights our expertise in educational data integration and commitment to delivering high-quality, data-driven solutions in the education sector.